Easy self-care with Traditional Oriental Medicine

We provide you an easy and nice way to solve your health problems through Traditional Oriental Medicine.


Many of you might not know the way of thinking about Oriental Medicine. There are so many ques in this medicine to live your life more naturally and more healthily.


We are sure that these methodologies will help your wellness and make your life more enjoyable and happier.


We will produce many self-care methodologies for your needs.


Starting with Stress Relief Methodology, we are planning to make methodologies for variety of needs. If you want us to make methodologies for some purpose, please let us know !

to relieve your stress

Everybody is stressed more or less. 

How do you usually manage your stress?

Take a deep breath?

Listen to relaxing music?

Play any sport?


There is another option to take care of your stress.

That is Oriental Medicine.

There is a unique theory to understand how you feel stress.

Using the theory and Meridians (energy lines), and acupuncture points, you can deal with your problems safely and easily.

You can do it yourself. 

We coach you how to do it. 

for your menstrual problems

Do you get sick before and while your period?

Do you have abnormal menstrual cycles?

Do you have terrible menstrual pain?


If you deal with your menstrual sickness with only medications, it is not solving your problem completely, but just stopping.

Oriental Selfcare to change your body condition could be a solution for your problem. 


We produce selfcare methodologies for your menstrual problems using the theory of Oriental Medicine.

What to do is only handling meridians and acupuncture points with some ways.


For your depression

Under the situation of  COVID-19, Life became very difficult for many people. Many people lost their jobs.

People are struggling from difficult situations of their jobs and depressed.


Are you all right?

If you lost motivations, and always feel tired, you might be depressed.

You might not even notice your own mental health .


Depression is not easy to heal.

You would need medications to keep your mental wellness for a while.

but taking medications is not a perfect solution to recover from depression.

While medications are stopping your mental symptoms, you need to change your body and improve your power for heal.

Here I suggest you selfcare methodology with oriental medicine.

Please try and use these methodologies for your mental health. 



I am Nori Obata.

I am an acupuncturist and run 2 clinics in Osaka, Japan.

Do you know what acupuncture is?

It is one of treatment ways of  Oriental Medicine.

It is a treatment practiced with very thin needles.  


I treat many patients from variety of countries. While treating many patients, I have coached patients how to self-care themselves with the way of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

One of my patients, who is my business partner now, inspired me to make methodologies for people in the world who suffered from mental and physical issues.


Since then I started to make methodologies for people suffering from their mental and physical health.

Here I introduce my methodologies that you’ve never seen in other places.


What I hope is these methodologies will help a lot of people in the world from their suffers.

I will produce many methodologies not only for your mental health , but also for many kinds of issues about your health.

I wish more people don’t have to rely on extra medications and you can live your life healthily only with few necessary medications.